We consider all projects equally important

Grand words in all honor. We concider the best way of understanding our own work is from learning by earlier projects. Here we show some of the work we have been handling recently. Some are small, some are of important size. Some have demanded large resources, some smaller. In common for all of them are that we with pride present the final results and also the time to get to that point. Of course, no project runs totally without frictions, but we have showed that we supply what our customer asks for (and several times a little more than so).

If You seek some special type of reference, or if some project is of more interest, please let us know. We will try to help you in the best way with more information.

Ernst & Young

The international group of consultants have had their offices redone in a great part of Southern Sweden. With a profiled company-identity similar in each office. Everyone is to recognize themselves working in a flexible organization no matter which office you belong to.

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